This one’s Adam’s brainchild. I bought the shelving system from ebay because he’d mentioned that he needed a little more storage out in the man-shed. (Originally it’s from Ikea. I think from the IVAR series, but I can’t be sure.) For a number of reasons, though, once I got it home it turned out not to be entirely suitable. All was not lost, however; the other thing he needed was a tall workbench that he could stand up at while he worked. We had a couple shipping pallets lying around, so he came up with a neat way to use those with part of the shelving system to create a table, and we still had enough of the shelving (really just the three cabinets, out of sight of the photo below) left over to use as storage. Everyone’s a winner 🙂



We took this picture before we’d started loading up the shelves, which is why they’re empty and the floor is full! The man-shed is still a work in progress – maybe when everything’s found its rightful place we’ll update the photo.


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